Tuesday, April 28, 2009

how many goji berries & condoms?

What do you pack for seven months? It is hard to estimate how much of a certain item we will need, taking into account what and when we can restock in Bali, and whether or not Tom gets on a roll and eats the entire season's worth in one week. This is the first year our weight allocation is free to include food. In the past three seasons, we have lugged tek screws, power points, sheets, and other household and building paraphenalia.

Australian packing list :

250 g organic peppi tea
500 g decaf coffee beans
10 pkt easiyo yoghurt mix
250 g decaf coffee ground
2 kg sultanas
3 kg raw almonds
2 kg olives
2 kg green lentils
2 kg sunflower seeds
2 kg dry chickpeas
1.5 kg flax seeds 1 box sandwhich bags
1 kg dates
1 box vegie bags
1.5 kg goji berries
2 boxes cockroach baits

500 g bee pollen
500g raw cacao powder

1 kg maca powder
400 g miso paste
72 tampons (critical import item)
5 packets condoms (try estimating that one!)

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