Wednesday, May 6, 2009

green smoothie revolution

Green smoothies are back on the menu. We only have power from 6.00pm to 6.00am, so we make our smoothie at night and keep it in the freezer. Living in a house without walls we are generally awake at dawn to the rustling of coconut leaves, chooks, dogs, and the full volume chatting of locals beginning their daily activities. Even so, it is nice to grab the extra few minutes sleep if a quiet morning arises.

Today's green smoothie contains pak choi, papaya, banana, orange juice, bee pollen & goji berries. A little enthusiastic with the pak choi plus I threw in some papaya seeds, so the result is a bit bitter. For more information about the magic of green smoothies, check out Victoria Boutenko's website, the mother of the green smoothie revolution.

Rain for a third day and the temperature is a mild 26 degrees. I dust off Tom’s old cut-off wetsuit and join Hildi for a surf in the drizzle.

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