Tuesday, May 5, 2009

special morning price

Tuesday is market day. We arrive early and are the first buleh’s (foreigners) on site, which doesn’t gain us any advantage as the pelting rain is holding up proceedings. Martha from the hotel arrives, and ignoring the downpour, pounces on the only pile of lemons, buying all but four small, wrinkly ones. We have to shop smarter, getting to the highly prized items early and leaving the leafy greens until last. Being the beginning of the dry season, variety is limited and the prices are relatively high. Bok choi that is selling for 1000rps, will be three-for-1000rps in July.

Our haul for the morning is :
100 bananas (yes, 100)
10 papaya
2 bulbs garlic
1 bunch spring onions
27 carrots
1 root ginger
2 cups peanuts
4 cups sesame seeds
4 pathetic lemons
5 bunches amaranth greens
4 bunches bok choi
5 bunches pak choi
1 cabbage
3 piles tomato
1 bag local sea salt
3 cucumbers
15 small eggplant
8 slices tempeh

The cooler weather is great for working in the yard, and I make a start on the new design. Aeanella (a tough dune creeper) has sprung up over the wet season,and I set about hacking it with the crow bar. With the first whack, I have either discovered a fresh spring in the garden or hit the water pipe coming from the well. I call out to Tom, who yells a colourful response. Woops! Until the pipe is dry and repaired, there is no tank refill, and the threat of hauling from the well returns.

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