Tuesday, July 14, 2009

lettuce rejoice

As the dry season progresses, the market produce available improves every week. Carrots are now in abundance, cauliflowers have increased from the size of a tea-cup to more recognisable bouquet, and joy upon joy, lettuce has appeared. Locals don’t know what to do with lettuce - it doesn’t take well to being boiled and mixed with rice, so what is the point of it? It is grown solely for the buleh market, by a couple of entrepreneurial farmers that had the nous to look over the fence into a buleh vege patch and ask for some seeds. The lettuce lady approaches us as soon as we arrive and we relieve her of her load. When it comes to rare commodities like lettuce, if you snooze, you lose, and at 10c per bunch there is no need for hesitation. Spiced up with a few leaves of rocket picked from a neighbour's garden, the simply joy of “fancy lettuce” is one to behold.

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