Sunday, May 3, 2009

power for god

Two years ago the village stepped into the light by way of an Australian donated solar bank, four Dutch windmills and a thumping diesel generator. We receive power from 6pm to 6am except for Sunday, when we have power for god. The islanders are devout Christian, and going to church on Sunday is imperative. The generator is kept running to power the PA systems that blurt out messages of sin and Satan to the masses. For the expats, it is a day of sheer pleasure. Computers are charged, music docks play all day, and most importantly, blenders and fridges are running to provide cold smoothies whenever we desire.

Last year we had a ritual of “Frappacino Sunday” - a weekly binge on ice-coffee, cake and biscuits. This season we start with fresh almond milk and a blend of raw cacao, maca, dandelion and vanilla. Thanks be to god.

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