Tuesday, August 11, 2009

aloe rustling

The free range goats that roam the village must be among the happiest in the world. We love their inquisitive nature and their daily visits to forage for fruit and vege scraps. They are mobile composting units with personality. However, given the chance, they will extend their nibbling to anything green and annihilate a bed of greens before you can say silverbeet.

Two things the goats won't touch are aloe vera and vincas, which significantly narrows our choice for landscaping. Aloe vera transplants easily and loves rough treatment, which is essential to survival in our garden. We source our plants from a "secret grove" at the back of an abandoned house, and transport them one by one in my bike basket. This can make for an uncomfortable ride and puzzled stares from the locals as we make our way home.

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