Monday, August 31, 2009

the buffet cat

Every second Monday is buffet and movie night at the Yoga Barn/Little K Café. I take my sketchbook as company, fearing a flurry of Ubud expats gathering together, leaving me to dwell in the corner. The buffet is a superb spread of salad, pesto, guacamole, organic red rice pilaf, and fresh fruit. On my third refill (note here that lettuce takes up more place on the plate than it does in the stomach) I am bitten on the toe by the resident cat. Have they trained it to stop people eating more than their share?

The movie is projected in the yoga room, with cushions, bolsters and blankets strewn across the floor. I adopt the lounge position with a bowl of fresh popcorn and settle in for the show. “Mad Hot Ballroom” is a humorous and heartfelt documentary that follows New York public school kids as they strive to win the annual Ballroom Championship Trophy.

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