Saturday, August 15, 2009

international green smoothie day

We don’t know who coined this one, but hear, hear. Homage to the humble green smoothie.

We have run out of bananas, so this morning’s blend is a simple papaya and greens combo. Just got the smoothie made before thegenerator shit itself again. Thankfully there are two days of power coming up for Indonesian Independence Day, so we have time to get the “fumigator” fixed.

We encourage everyone to incorporate green smoothies into your diet – they really are delicious, quick and easy. For fun, you can join up to the free “14 day smoothie challenge”, or at least check out the recipes and testimonials on this site. For background to the green smoothie revolution and detailed research findings into the benefits of simply adding 1L of green smoothie to your current diet, check out Victoria Boutenko’s website or get your hands on one of her inspiring books : "Green for Life" and "Green Smoothie Revolution".

Kermit was wrong. It is EASY being green.


  1. Great website guys except there isnt enough surfing pictures.
    Beddy and Charlie

  2. Thanks Salsta... just figured out what how to get the most of the abundance of kale and chard in the garden :)
    em, jp, Joah


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