Tuesday, August 4, 2009

know your greens

Being the only vegetarians in the village, we are often called upon by other bulehs to identify the leafy greens, and espouse their many benefits and uses. Over time, we have identified which ones are best in salad, which ones make a tasty green smoothie, and which ones are good for roll-ups. The greens are plentiful and cheap, sold per bunch, tied together with a strip of lontar or pandanus leaf. They are grown organically within a 20 km radius, and picked fresh on market morning. Heaven for a raw foodie and the planet.

The main greens available are :
bayam (amaranth leaves) – dark green, small leaves, our salad staple

sayur putih (literally white vegetable; bok choi) – fibrous & strong, good for green wraps

sayur hijau (literally green vegetable; pak choi) – large fibrous leaves, softer stem than sayur putih, our choice for green smoothies (shown above)

kangkong (water spinach) - nicknamed "dream weed" for their alleged ability to stimulate dreams, small narrow leaf and fibrous stem. We don't use these often. (shown above left, with sayur putih)

daun ubi (sweet potato leaves) – very tough stems, small elongated leaves, don’t get into these much.

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