Sunday, August 16, 2009

weekend wavefest

Size : 3-4 times overhead
Wind : light offshore, with onshore moments around midday to interrupt proceedings
Weapon of choice : 7 footer
Casualties : 5 snapped boards, 2 legropes (including Tom's)
Giggle factor : hearty belly laugh
Crowd : more on the reef watching

Size : 2-3 times overhead
Wind : offshore
Weapon of choice : 6' 8"
Casualties : 1 legrope (Tom again)
Giggle factor : chuckle
Crowd : intimate 5 - 7

I made a rare appearance on the reef today to watch and photograph the action. Not the best conditions for shooting - midday light, spindrift obscuring the wave, models not performing... As I'm coming to the end of my supportive wife enthusiasm I see Tom's board tombstone and fly unexpectedly high, then see he isn't attached to it. He's flapping around inside as the board heads for the reef - another broken leg rope. I put my bare feet on the line and win "handiest wife award" for rescuing the board before it meets a certain battering. Tom's fun is cut short. I get company on the walk home.

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