Saturday, September 26, 2009

pet composters

A mother and kid have made themselves at home in our yard, visiting at regular intervals throughout the day in tune with the tossing of fruit and vegie scraps. We have named them Tali (the mum) and Clipper (the kid) and relish their curious visits. Over time they have become quite game and will walk up the front steps into the kitchen, in the hope of scoring a fresh banana. If another goat comes sniffing, Tali defends her territory with vocal bleets.

Given the chance, goats are not scavengers and prefer to eat fresh fruit and greens from the plant. As such, they don't like their food covered in sand and will wipe it on their rump to clean it before eating. With this knowledge we provide a smorgasboard service to our pets on an elevated slab. They dutifully turn the scraps into perfect little pellets of poo, which I can then pick up and add to the garden. Fun for all the family.

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