Tuesday, September 22, 2009

pink pancakes

The markets offer a selection of sweet “treats”, various combination of flour, sugar, fat and fluorescent colouring. Over the years Tom and I have tried them all, and can vouch that the majority are unidentifiable food objects that can be used as emergency surfboard ding repair. Think of eating pink glue or congealed oily rubber and you’ve got the taste sensation. They are most definitely not raw, vibrant, or wholesome. There are only two that we consider edible – pink pancakes and caramel cake. The first are thin crepes filled with shredded coconut and palm sugar. Last year they were green, this season pink is the in thing. The second is a dense spongy number that slightly resembles the taste and texture of what we know cake to be... slightly.

My favourite for personality are the “diaphragms”. A rice flour batter is deep fried then soaked in palm syrup, the result being a round unctuous pastry-like disc that looks unnervingly like a diaphragm. If you close your eyes and really extend your imagination, you can almost pretend your eating a terrible croissant. A lovely lady of 76 comes every week, sets up her little table and chair at the entrance to the markets and sells sweating diaphragms from a plastic box. They are cheap, very cheap, so I often buy some for the goats, and think of the money as a donation.

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