Tuesday, September 15, 2009

surfing santa

Christmas has come early to the island, with the arrival of our friend Matt, fresh in from the old US of A. His luggage is brimming with goodies - edible, readable and wearable. His Santa sack includes Trader Joe’s organic trail mix with choc bits and cranberries, sulphur free dried New Zealand apples, the latest Surfer’s Journal, and a mammoth hard cover cook book titled “Clean Food”. Matt has just finished a contract with Oakley and I am thrilled to receive a new “sponsored” wardrobe; singlets, boardies, rashie, t-shirt, hat & sarong. Tom is spoilt too with a pair of Waterjacket surf sunnies. He has been wearing a pair of Sundogs from Aus, and didn’t have a back up. No sooner has Matt delivered the new sunnies and Tom loses his Sundogs in the big swell – the third pair to go missing this season. More expense…

Thanks Matt. You know the way to a girl’s heart is not only through her stomach, but through her wardrobe.

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