Monday, November 2, 2009

frustrated artist within

“I am harbouring a fugitive, a defector of a kind, and she lives in my soul, drinks of my wine, and I’d give my last breath to keep us alive.” Indigo Girls

Inside me lives a textile artist, a sculpture and a printmaker. Somewhere deep in the core, there also hides a painter, but it is shy to emerge in the presence of my talented husband, despite his gracious encouragement and excellent tutorage. My frenetic scanners mind scopes the possibilities of creativity, but often struggles to bridge the gap between inspiration and production. Then when it does produce, it asks “what is the point of this stick sculpture/printed fabric/tea bag installation?” The idea of creating simply for investigation, process and play is one I endeavour to embrace with each project; to silence the internal critic and give life to childlike abandon.

This series of “prayer flags” hang in our back patio and are a series of swatches, dyed with either coconut leaves or commercial colour. The crackled background was a flour paste resist, over-painted with acrylics, and the motif depicts a teak leaf.


  1. Your prayer flags are magnificent. You are an amazing talent.

  2. Artist and lover of life oozes from your every, my dear wonderful friend, are truly an artist...diving ever deeper into yourself to surface all the ways you can bring beauty to the world. Thank you for being you and for being such a damn gorgeous being. xxx


thanks for taking the time

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