Monday, March 29, 2010

QZ 781 is now boarding

An aspiring female shaman, an expat architect and a redneck miner’s TA. Brought together by half a bottle of Jack Daniels, a decompressed cabin atmosphere and intimate seating arrangements. Blocked from the aisle by an obese specimen, we are trapped for three hours, entertained by the rapidly deteriorating drunken dribble of egos competing in delusions of grandeur and encounters with the paranormal. Are we there yet?

Friday, March 26, 2010

countdown to season 2010

When the nectarines lose their sweet crunch and the cool mornings call for an extra layer, the draw of the tropics verses through us. We leave behind the joy of crisp new season apples, and the beauty of clear autumn days, for the promise of warm water, shirtless nights and juicy papaya.

My aim is to entertain and inform you regularly throughout the season. Village politics, local produce reports, experimental raw food recipes and surf reports. Enjoy the ride through season 2010.

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