Friday, April 16, 2010

the fine art of sitting

It is socially acceptable for locals to plonk themselves in our house and watch the entertaining activity as we go about our daily life.  In the early days it was common, however we are no longer as unique, and they realize we still engage in prosaic chores, albeit with more gadgets and quirky techniques.

There are some that still welcome the opportunity to “play” at our house and flick through a book or magazine.  Today we have Pak Alex from a neighbouring island, who does a trade in ikat weavings and silver jewellery.  Since Louise bought a cloth from him last year, he likes to drop in to see if we have any new guests.  He is tiny man with a shocking spine defect that means he walks like a crumpled letter “S”.  Alex has recently acquired a mobile phone and insists we swap numbers before he leaves.  Ten minutes later we get a call to say he has made it to his next destination.  I can see where this is going...

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  1. Farout. I can't believe that dude is still around. I bought an ikat of him back when we first ventured to the little town back in the mid 90's. Very cool.


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