Monday, April 5, 2010

lean times at the market

The mess must wait while we attend the weekly market. At this time of year the variety of fruit and vegies is limited, and I wonder what the hell I am going to make with what’s available. The spoiled West Australian taste buds and coddled mind are confronted by the reality of little choice and finite quantity. The locals rely on rice as the staple for every meal. Take this out of the equation and we are left with five pathetic carrots, six seedy cucumbers, a big bag of bayam (amaranth leaves), six Asian eggplant (not our favourite raw veggie), a pumpkin, eight small slabs of tempeh, two knobs of ginger and about 50 bananas. Gourmet raw this is not. Luckily we are aiming more for 80:10:10 (, but the lack of fruit is an obstacle to success.

Greg, the American manager of the village resort, drops in to welcome us back. He senses that the house will not be clean by sunset, and invites us to dinner.

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