Sunday, May 2, 2010

the great mopathon


One of the drawbacks to living on the beach in an open house is the daily dose of dust.  When the tradewinds blow (every day between April and October), little bits of the grass roof fall like grey snow over every surface.  The glossy floorboards are beautiful when clean, but show up every footprint, grain of sand and speck of dust, especially in the golden raked light of the afternoon sun.  Now, I am not trying not to be anal here - this is a surf shack - but as a floor sitter, the dirt tends to disturb me.  Which leads to the great mop ritual.  Every bloody day.  

Did I mention dust?

Seen here with the mop are my new Dorothy shoes.  My mother and the podiatrist have been hounding me to wear shoes and orthotics to support my wonky foundations.  I could count the number of times I have worn shoes in the past 12 months on one hand.  Thongs and bare feet are de rigeur for our lifestyle.  Then I saw these little red beauties and my heart was won over.  Perfect for mopping.


  1. where oh where did you get that mop?Suzie

  2. sweetie pie, you are too gorgeous! you make mopping sound interesting! i adore you!!! XXX

  3. if they are dorothy's shoes cant you just click them together and all the dust will disappear...???keep on keepin on Sal...Sharee

  4. hello
    have been enjoying reading your blog. Have you tried betula thongs? They have an in-built arch and are heaven to wear. I'm not sure if you have flat feet like me but if so, give them a try. Paul Carrol in Fremantle stocks them if you ever go that way!


thanks for taking the time

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