Monday, May 10, 2010

long distance food run

Some people go around the corner to Woolies or the local gourmet store; Hildi and I come to Bali. Someone's got to do it.  

Food and hardware shopping take up the first two day's agenda.  We hire a Suzuki Sierra, and with my brazen confidence behind the wheel, we take lists in hand and take to the road.  I have a wholesale account with a food company that supplies imported foods to the catering industry.  Trading as the "Tom and Sally Cafe" I pick up our order of bulk nuts, seeds, dried fruit, pulses & olives for the next two months.  Added to the food items are door handles, hinges, stainless steel wire, screws, books and cartons of soy milk.  With the main load shipped off on air cargo, our time is free to indulge in the finer points of coffee, massage and window shopping.

Grocer and Grind in Seminyak offer this delightful eye candy.  Not available in our local market.  Just looking madam.

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