Friday, May 14, 2010

plait your hair?

 I may not be falling asleep half way through my bottle of Bintang, but I am certainly ready to leave the strange world of Legian and return to fresh air, peace and my husband.   We have been staying at the Jayakarta; a hotel favourite with Australian package tourists and holidaying Javanese Muslims.  This makes for interesting and disturbing people watching at breakfast.   Each morning when I do my laps in the pool, the hijab clad women are ready with their cameras to capture the risqué excitement of a bikini.  The disheveled Aussie’s appear for their fry-ups and bad coffee, sporting the unofficial unisex uniform of boardies and a Bintang singlet, or the strapless elastic rouged dress and braided hair.  Oh my god, I may not be uber chic, but please…don’t get me started. 

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  1. Peta McAuliffeSunday, May 16, 2010

    What's wrong with plaited hair??? I've got my bintang singlet ready to pack??!! :)
    peta xxx
    We miss you x


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