Monday, May 17, 2010

power to the people

The expats of Aussie Parade have a new 7Kva generator to power up our lives during the day.  The genny lives in a shed behind Gerry’s place, and Tom and I are connected via a series of extension cords 500 metres long.  There are a few building projects underway in the Parade, so when the planers and drills are cranked up, we get temporary power to run the fridge and blender.  It is not, under any circumstances, for charging valuable computer or audio equipment. 

The first day we connected our extension cord into the system, Gerry ensured me they had the governor set to regulate the output at a steady 240 volts.  Sweet.  I hesitated for a moment when plugging in my computer, having previously blown up the ipod dock and my mobile phone charger on our little generator.  Less than 15 minutes later, one of the workmen friggs with the switch and ups the voltage to 300 volts – frying the computer charger and both Gerry’s and Kel’s fuse boxes. 

It cost $70 for a new charger in Bali, and we are now owed a fruiting coconut tree from the offending workman as reimbursement.  I won't be counting my coconuts too soon on that one.

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