Friday, May 21, 2010

Scrabble war

Two years ago, Tom’s sister visited and brought “Super Scrabble”.   The board is twice the size of a regular game, with twice as many letters and the option of a quadruple word score.  It was game on.  For five months we had chain Scrabble games and developed quite an addiction that took up many hours.  Let it be known that I was the undisputed champion of the season.

Last year, Tom was working on a number of design projects.  He found that he had to strain the same part of his brain as when creating words from a jumble, so we only managed a handful of games over seven months.  As Scrabble was invented by an architect, he may have a point.

We have dusted off the letters for our first game, and my ego wishes to tell you that I WON.  Next time I hope to whip out the word caziques, for a record 392 points.  Mattel have announced that the new edition to be released in July will allow the use of proper nouns.  We will not be implementing this change -  no way; that will let every Tom, Dick and Harry in with a chance.

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