Tuesday, May 4, 2010

shadows grow longer

I love dawn and dusk.  The long shadows; the dancing colours; the subtle blue time after sunset.  Days here fall into the rhythm of the sun and phases of the moon.  Woken early by the first birds and roosters, I can tell what time it is by the fall of light on the coconuts.  If the tank stand is sunlit, I've managed to sleep in.  

Our house faces west, overlooking the ocean and the setting sun. Being West Australian's we are lucky to be born into a life of sunsets over the sea. so I don't photograph them often - unlike our east coast cousins - yet I am always moved by the heartbeat of nature as it faultlessly drops behind the horizon to brighten someone's day on the other side.  

 Being close to the equator, day length does not vary significantly throughout the year, however we can watch the sun move north toward the winter equinox, then south again to the solstice. We see the moon rise and set; watch its transition through the phases, and how it relates to the tides.  Spring, neap, incoming, outgoing, waxing, waning.  Sleeping.

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