Monday, May 31, 2010

surround sound building

There is a din of planing, sawing and drilling in the camp. Gerry is building two new bedroom bungalows for his sons and regular blow-ins from the Broulee area; Kel is moving up in the world to a simple double storied house, next to his current bedsit bungalow.  All the more room to entice a lady friend.  We have workmen renovating the storeroom into a studio/guestroom.  They have built tin shutters that fold up to create a verandah, or lock down for security in the wet season, and two narrow "Bali doors" between the studio and shower courtyard.   I have whitewashed the furniture and are waiting for my handy husband to build a shelving unit.  He seems to be caught up making us some money at the desk, or pulling into barrels in his other office.

Mid-thirties in the shade and he is sporting a beanie. They have a warped idea that it keeps them cool.  I don't think their ancestors were running around in woolen hats.

The up side of the noise and dust creating by these projects, is the power to the fridge during the day.  The joy of ice.

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