Wednesday, June 23, 2010

best laid plans

We were meant to go to Bali yesterday, but the ferry is cancelled all week due to strong winds and swell.  The conditions in the Straits of Death are such that all boats have been advised to stay in harbour until further notice.

Yesteray there were four chartered flights to and from the mainland, using a 12 seater plane from an Australian mining company.  Form all accounts, the scene at the airport was a shit fight, with passengers waiting up to five hours to get on, or be turfed off at the last minute. He with the most cash wins.

It is blowing 25 - 30 knots and the Beaufort wind scale states conditions as "strong breeze" to "near gale" 

Indicators for a strong breeze are: large tree branches move,  telephone wires begin to whistle, umbrellas are difficult to keep under control. Larger waves form, whitecaps prevalent, spray.

In near gale conditions : large trees sway, becoming difficult to walk.
Larger waves develop, white foam from breaking waves begins to be blown.

I'm not sure about the umbrellas or telephone wires, but can tick swaying coconuts and whitecaps.  I could add a column for "amount of crap blowing into the house". 

The kiteboarders are loving it.  

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