Friday, June 4, 2010

our organic salad patch

Thanks to a late wet season, the salad patch is off to a great start.  After last year's non-event garden, I researched which varieties were more salt tolerant, drought hardy and heat resistant; and came loaded with potential from Eden Seeds.  It appears that the more pungent greens, like rocket and mustard, fare better; the hermit crabs are obviously perturbed by the bitterness. 

Now that the rain has stopped, and won't be gracing us again until October or November, I don't know how long the vegies will flourish with dry winds, sun and a daily dose of brackish water.  This could be the peak of our salad days.


  1. Very impressed with your gardening prowess.

  2. Hey Sal and Tom, how fantastic!! It looks absolutely gorgeous and I have to do some baking I think!
    The surf looks pretty average:) - can't wait to show my husband Wayne.
    Beautiful and cold over here.
    Love Ninni

  3. woot! woot! can i get an amen?! that is one gorgeous salad patch miss mills...seems that green thumb is coming in very handy was only a matter of time until you found something that could survive and make you proud. xox Zoe


thanks for taking the time

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