Friday, June 4, 2010

snow fall

Our neighbours, Long John and Bingin Mick, put together a container full of stuff and shipped it from Bali.  When the truck arrived, half the village turned out to see the perplexing array of goodies offloaded: an ancient concrete mixer, a weights bench, aluminium dinghy, motorbike, outboard motor, umbrellas, furniture, mattresses,tiles,  a toilet, fridge, boatbuilding form, and the kitchen sink.  We took the opportunity to add two huge floor cushions for the “reading room”.

Indonesian cargo handlers are a careless bunch, and many items suffered a crack, dent or scratch.  Mick had sent bags of polystyrene bean-bag balls in thin plastic bags, which unsurprisingly busted and settled like snow in the truck.  A gust of wind and it was half way around the yard.  It looked suspiciously like Indonesia's largest ever drug bust.


Long John had bought a large amount of groceries from Carrefore Supermarket, along with plastic boxes to pack and ship the load.  The boxes arrived – empty!  The groceries are still sitting in the loading bay. 

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