Sunday, July 4, 2010

echo beach

Sunday night barbeque has fast become an institution at Echo Beach, Canggu.  Tables are set on the stone landing with uninterrupted views of the wave, and as the sun sets behind the haze, candles are lit and the queue for grilled seafood lengthens.  Two vege skewers with free range of the salad bar is a bargain at 35,000 rps (A$4.50).

Carnivores can rejoice at the selection of pork ribs, chicken tandoori, king prawns, whole red snapper, beef fillet, scallops and local clams.  Personally I think they all should be left to live a long and happy life, but the masses don't tend to agree. 

The barbie in on each night, with Sunday being the big event.  So if you're in the area, do as the song says and "watch the sun go down on Echo Beach."  Especially if your job is as a boring office clerk.  It's not as "far away in time" as it once was, but if you get there before they finish the Sea Sentosa resort, you might still get a seat.

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