Wednesday, July 28, 2010

how many layers?

Whoa, how many layers can a koala bare?  It is five years since I had to endure anything under 20 degrees celcius and I have forgotten how to dress accordingly.  I have to wear twice as much as everyone else who is acclimatised to the winter chills, and I look a sight with my tanned extremities peering out from beneath a beanie, uggboots, scarf & jacket. 

Back in Busselton for two weeks, to celebrate my dear friend Jane's 50th birthday and undergo a minor knee operation.  Loving fresh beetroot, pears, field mushrooms, juicy lemons, hot showers and all day power.    

I am busy building another blog, dedicated to words and pictures from the sweet life, and finishing off my (long overdue) website.  Stay tuned for the launch. 

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much! Terima kasih banyak! Grazie mille!

    Why? Mengapa? Perche?

    Because it's bloody cold here at my birthday time of year.

    Karena dingin sekali waktu hari ulang tahun saya.

    Perche fa freddissimo quando c'e mio compleanno.


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