Saturday, July 24, 2010

it's merpati and we'll fly if we want to

Merpati Airlines is a national disgrace.  The planes look like they have been salvaged from a Russian skip bin, and I’m quite sure would not pass international safety regulations.   It is with good reason that the EU banned long haul Indonesian airlines (Garuda have recently been granted re-entry).   I am no aircraft engineer, but I don’t think the plane should be emitting an ear piercing sound like a high speed jackhammer.  My tray table flops down repeatedly,  the in-flight magazine is the February edition, and my seat isn’t attached to the frame – all the better to access the lifejacket that may or may not reside underneath. The toilet still has an ashtray in the door, and the tap is attached with sticky tape.  Despite being non-smoking, the smell emanating from the pores, hair and clothing of every Indonesian male makes the air putrid; and the single use plastic does not justify the unidentified food object and tepid tea on offer.  If this was long haul, I'd be employing the emergency exit.

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