Monday, July 5, 2010

sari organic

Peak season in Bali and the living is busy.  Normally we would avoid July and August, but with family commitments and school holiday restrictions, we take what we are given. The  roads are choked with rental cars and holidaying Javanese, and I managed to scratch our shiny Toyota on a rubbish bin.  

Leaving the wheels behind, we take a pleasant stroll down a narrow path off the Ubud main road.  Rising from the padi is a simple open pavillion serving organic vegetarian food sourced from an on-site garden.  Conceived as a community project to grow non-chemical rice and vegetables, and to teach local Balinese about organic farming, Sari Organic has become an Ubud tradition. A fair trade program ensures farmers receive a good price for their produce, and the 15 families involved earn between 600,000 (A$80) and 1,500.000 (A$180) per month. The program has restored a sense of pride for the farmers, and is preserving unique strains of rice for future generations.  Individuals can purchase Sari Organic products at the twice weekly organic market in Ubud, or get walking and savour their salads and nasi campur at the cafe.

For those in the south of Bali, Sari Organic also have a cafe at the recently opened Little Tree eco-supply store on Sunset Road.


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