Friday, August 13, 2010

lagoon therapy

My lagoon water therapy has begun in earnest, and I am like a yacht under full sail with a broken rudder.  The arms are going, but the right leg lags behind.  I manage a short stand-up paddle session and a waddle up the beach to Colin and Linda’s.  Slowly, slowly.  It is heaven to sleep with a sheet rather than be trapped under the layers of a doona and blanket, trying to keep my beanie, pillows and hot water bottle in order.

I am amazed at how quickly patterns change, when on my first visit to our toilet I reach for the flush button!  I put the first banana skin in the bin rather than tossing it out to the goats, and after only two weeks of a living with a well stocked fridge, I am at a loss to create something out of cabbage, tomato and cucumber.

Tom is thrilled with the three kilos of dates I brought back, and I have to ration the Lindt 75% dark chocolate one square at a time. 

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