Wednesday, August 18, 2010

raw food rant

Last night our expat neighbours had a conference over Bintangs and nasi goreng special, then sent forth a messenger to inform Tom that they all agree he is too thin and therefore must be unwell.   Yes, he isn't a huge bloke when compared to the "normal" (read overweight) Australian, but since when does fat = healthy?  We don't go around telling them they are fat, should stop eating animal products, give up alcohol and generally clean up their act.   He can out surf any of them, lift heavy things and perform acts of daring and chivalry.  He is never sick, yet his lack of subcutaneous body fat indicates to them that he has "an issue."  My god, when will the insanity of our overfed society end?  The perception of what constitutes a "normal" body size and shape is so skewed in our society - the fattest on earth - that a human in supreme health is questioned and berated. 

I say long live Aquaman; the lean, strong king of my world.

Now all go off and have a green smoothie.

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