Monday, October 18, 2010

100 pushups

Now I am relatively strong for a chick and not too shabby in the fitness department, but parts of me are much stronger and fitter than others. I'm no ironwoman or even recreational jogger, but I can hold me own in the lagoon or on the yoga mat.  My knee op in August was a success, so that region is gaining strength, however my right shoulder gives me major grief, enough to stop me from surfing and dusting overhead shelves.  Even grating a carrot is tiring.  I have a "winged scapula" - which sounds like a prerequisite for a vampire - along with classic rotator cuff issues.  A weak serratus anterior muscle is partly to blame - that's the one wrapping your rib cage under your arm that looks like gills on lean folk like Aquaman.  Part of my strength training is push-ups, at which I am most feeble.  So here begins my six week self induced training program, with the goal to complete 100 consecutive pushups.  Perhaps with my knees on the ground...

Sounds impossible.

No laughing.

I am at level one (just).  Aquaman is joining me somewhere around level six if I ever get there.

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