Thursday, October 14, 2010

the build up

October is traditionally the hottest month in the lead up to the wet season.   The trade winds ease and a day or two of the doldrums sees the land heat up and the air hang thick with humidity.  If the wind is onshore, we have front row seats for its cooling caress.  The capricious cloud formations bring the hope of rain as they skirt the outer islands and dance over the horizon.  If we are lucky we get the reprieve.  Goats make a mad dash for cover and I leap around in the freshest shower I have had in months.  The garden seems to respond within minutes, and the air is clean and cool.  The temperature can drop ten degrees in as many minutes, and I have even had a jacket on one night this week.  For the moment the sky is clear and the sun scorching hot, but there are cotton wool clouds in the east.  Roll you sweet rain.

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