Friday, October 29, 2010

god's holiday house

The lord obviously spoke to someone in our village about his need for a bigger holiday house.  Despite the fact that the children do not have books, the school has minimal resources and the clinic relies on donations, the church thought it imperative that massive extensions be undertaken at a cost of 3 billion rupiah.  The initial building was poorly designed for the climate, and other than Sundays and the occasional wedding or christening it sits unused.  Why then build something even more excessive and outrageous?  What would be wrong with a permanent grass roof that allows cross ventilation and can be used as a community centre, kindergarten or workshop for the rest of the week?  It is true, the lord works in mysterious ways.  


The scaffolding encases the old church like a web.  The new "cathedral" is being built over the old structure, and when completed, the old church will be demolished from the inside.  

 The locals work on a rotating roster, and the sound of the church bell heralds the labourers for their day of service.  The project is expected to take two years. 

In the words of the controversial and humerous critic A.A. Gill, "it is far easier to get money out of the destitute than the filthy rich; the poor want to go to a better place, the rich know there isn't going to be one." 

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