Friday, October 15, 2010

shabby chic shack

No surface is safe from my paintbrush and a tickle of white paint.  I recently gave the shabby chic treatment to our bookshelf and the louvers, and the living space is now unified, bright and serene.  An absolute pleasure to reside in.  

When I put my stirring stick into the new paint bucket I thought I had discovered a major mixup at the paint factory - why is there is a glass in with the paint?  Did the assembly line worker drop his drink?  In small print on the front I found the "free glass inside" logo.  I don't know what the health department in Australia would have to say about this.  Dulux take note.

The paint is cheap Indonesian acrylic, little more than titanium dioxide in water.   I mix  it 3:1 with water and slap it on cheerfully.  When it is touch-dry I wipe the surface with a damp cloth to knock back the colour and let some of the teak wood show through. 

Bo Diddley's feeding tray doubled as a paintbrush rester.  I love the tough yet pretty enamel crockery available from the local market for a song.

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