Saturday, October 23, 2010

strange fruit

 I saw this strange fruit at the markets and had to buy it for investigative purposes.  The locals tell me it is a type of guava, however I can't find a single image or description of it on the web.  It has a pungent smell that intensifies as it ripens and stinks out the fridge; something between lilliums, vanilla and rotten bananas.  The flesh is soft, and the initial taste is pleasant enough, then it makes your mouth pucker as the sour notes kick in.  

The seed is the grey thing on top and apparently tastes like a peanut when roasted.  Can't say it will be making a return visit to our fruit bowl.  Tom hated it, and Bo Diddly took one lick and left it alone.  Even the pigs weren't interested, and for an animal that eats hermit crabs whole, that is quite a statement. 


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  1. I found out that this is a cashew fruit. The capsule on top contains the cashew "nut" which is in fact a seed. Amazing.


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