Saturday, October 2, 2010

sydney and hobart

We have never been very enthusiastic cat people, but after much persuasion we agreed to take on one of Hildi's kittens.  Well, Tom agreed while I was away in Bali.  The little one wasn't very impressed with her relocation and didn't come out of the generator box for days, so Tom took delivery of her sister so they would have company.  It worked a treat, and so Sydney and Hobart became members of our menagerie.  

They have slowly learned to stay off the furniture and play outside.  Their hunting skills are being honed as meal times are bleak in a vegan household.  Cockroaches and moths for miles around are fearing for their lives.  We discovered they like coconut, but other than that we don't have much to offer.  If they could just develop a liking for banana...

Sydney is the more dominant and larger of the two, Hobart is cheekier.  They love to sleep on the woven mat under my desk during the day and I am touched by the affection they have for each other.  Who would have thought; us getting all gooey over cats?

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