Thursday, November 25, 2010

bayley's on the rocks

The cliff project is really starting to look like the concept drawings, now that the lontar leaf rooves are complete and the rendering process has begun.  The design nods to Africa, Greece and Indonesia, blended to create a unique house that is sensitive to the contours and natural features of the environment.

Walls are curved and organic, with looking holes that vignette the wild ficus trees and view beyond.

Glass blocks let light into the walk-in wardrobe behind the open walled master bedroom.

The edge of the living room drops a sheer 7 metres onto rocks below; perfect for abseiling or instilling fear into parents of small children.  Don't worry, it isn't quite finished.

Completion may take some time if these blokes don't quit laying around in the sandpit.  The one on the left is sporting one-eyed sunglasses because "he doesn't get paid enough."

Viewed from the road, the structures mushroom from the palms and scrub. 

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  1. WOW....Its looking awesome! Very clever name "Bayley's on the rocks"...we like!


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