Wednesday, November 10, 2010

an expensive coconut

When we built our bedroom pod there was a pesky coconut tree in the way.  The land lease agreement does not include the palms, so we approached the owner of the afformentioned tree and asked if we could move it five meters across the yard.  Generally they transplant well if watered frequently.  We offered to pay him out if the tree died, but he could smell the rupiah and demanded we buy the tree up front for 1 million (A$120).  What did we want with a coconut tree?  Mum was here at the time so we offered it to her as a 70th birthday present.  

It was never very happy in it's new hole and eventually the leaves fell off and we were left with a trunk. Admittedly, we didn't water it very often.  Tom dug around the root ball, we pushed it over and got in the chainsaw man to slab it up.  Note the safety boots.  Our plan is to pitch a fancy tent in the space for guests.  When are you coming over?

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