Tuesday, November 16, 2010

market report

In early morning trading today, BBQ corn is a new comer onto the market and mangoes are holding strong at 3 large for 10,000rps (A$1.20) or 12 small for 10,000rps. We bought about 50, that should get us through the next couple of days...

Bananas are steady at 10,000rps a bunch.  First prize to our banana lady for matching her outfit to her produce.  We buy so many from her we get a free bunch every week "for breakfast mister".

Tomatoes and cucumbers have dropped slightly, the piles are getting smaller for the same price. This vendor has a diverse portfolio on offer.

Chillis are hot property and virtually free.  Just one is enough to blow my head off so they don't factor onto our shopping list.

There is a rush on fresh greens at 1,000rps (12c) per bunch.  Unfortunately they will not turn into green smoothies in the kitchens of penurious locals.

Aluminium pots are stable, no red light specials here.

Coming in strong with poll position near the entrance gate are deep fried "diaphragms", green dough balls and cold, battered and fried bananas.  I'm not sure what purpose the plastic serves, as the back of the display is open to the world.  Looks a bit fancy.

There is a glut of gula (lontar syrup), lined up like a guard of honor on the edge of the new road. Prices are a standard 35,000rps (A4) per bottle, seasonally unadjusted.

Finally, the opening price for these massive jackfruit was an enticing 10,000rps each.  If we had our Landcruiser to transport them home we might have considered it.  We'll file them under futures and options.

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