Tuesday, December 7, 2010

final market run

The last market run for the year, and with only a couple of days left before we depart it was more of a social visit.  Tom had a leave pass to go surfing as the total load amounted to two bunches of bananas, 15 mangoes, one bunch of carrots, a few tomatoes and some sesame seed slice for morning tea.  Somehow managed to bypass the cold donuts sandwiched together with margarine and sprinkles.

The sun is harsh this time of year, even at 7.00am, and the vendors with one or two items are pushed to the hot spots along the road.  These ladies would be hoping no one buys their baskets until the shade moves over. 

This is our resident water diviner.  I have never seen him without his steel rod.  It doubles as a thin walking stick and I am sure he sleeps with it to be more in tune with the power of the universe. 

Linda has her load for the week, carried in a hand-me-down Coles bag.
I had to stop at the shop to buy some glue for Tom and was overcome by the new arrival of gates.  Where these will end up is a mystery, I can't imagine them flanked by a dry stone wall as the entry statement to a grass hut. They are absolutely hideous and epitomise the gaudy style of the city.  Which design magazine did they get their inspiration from? 

The "super goats" aren't too phased by things.  Seen here rocking out in their favourite spot; the gravestones next to the town oval.  It is grandstand seating to watch the market day traffic.  They are responsible for a new breed of half caste goat in the village, as the super billy goes around knocking-up the petite native nannies.  Run for your lives girls. 

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  1. Yum yum, greasy donuts with flies as extra. How could you resist? Safe trips onwards and looking forward to reading your other blogs once you hit Bali.


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