Monday, December 6, 2010

heir to the throne

Greg is the manager and part owner of the resort, and he married a lovely girl from the mainland, whom he wooed over a season of ferry rides.  Anita was the hostess in the VIP section, and a splendid sight in her smart uniform checking tickets and handing out unidentified food objects.

Their little fella RJ Rogers (Rock to his fans) is seriously adorable.  He loves his pool time, is discovering his facial muscles and has the entire hotel staff and expat community wrapped around his tiny fingers.  He has a sweet life lined up as the first wave of "blended" kids in the village, with one foot in the west and one firmly running bare under the coconuts. 

How's the look on his face here?  This photo is scarily like a family portrait  I repeat, this is not my child. 

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