Thursday, December 2, 2010

more expense

We've only had a motorbike for five days, and already it has cost us a new fuel filter, oil change and two tanks of petrol, because the first one leaked out.  The trusty old pushbike has only demanded one new pedal and the odd bit of free air in the tire.  Still, cheap bike rent for a week, and provides us with wind in our hair.  My push bike riding is never that swift.

Bought two litres of oil from the shop for $2 then paid $1.20 for the oil change at the newly opened motorbike garage. They love getting greasy and grovelling around on the ground.

Oscar fueled us up with his dipper.  He works almost 100 hours per week for A$20. Less than $3 per day.  Our tank of fuel was over two days wage.

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