Sunday, April 17, 2011

countdown to season 2011

The temperature has dropped below 28 degrees, the morning air is crisp and the sun is setting earlier every day. Wattle flowers perfume the air, fallen leaves are crunchy under foot and the stone fruit have been replaced by apples.  All of these indicators point to one thing - the time has come to pack up and return to the tropics. A few evenings in slippers is cuddly, however the thought of a few months is horrifying. Even when they are gorgeous red numbers knitted by my mumma.

We leave Australia at the end of the month and will have a few days in Bali on the way through to our island home to buy a few supplies and go out for a dinner that we can actually afford.  

Things are a bit rough in the Sugar Shack.  We asked a local builder to sand our living room floor and then close off the house with sheets of tin as protection against the wet season onslaught.  Yet the second we left the island we were out of mind; the work didn't get done and so the house was left open to the elements; four months of onshore winds, cyclones and sideways rain.  The bamboo blinds are totally shredded, resembling palm fronds dangling in the breeze, and the furniture we had left out so he could have clear access to the floor has taken on a new level of shabby chic.  The constant rain has fed the rampant vine in the backyard so it has grown over the roof and is dangling down the front of the house.  Perhaps we could plait them as replacement blinds? We will need to cut our way through to the back door and there are reported sightings of Sumatran tigers in the  undergrowth. The goats are no doubt planning a great invasion for the feast of the year.

The wind is yet to swing offshore consistently and it is still wet so we haven't missed much surf and weather wise.  I look forward to bringing you words and pictures from our village life through until the end of the year. Subscribe now so the posts go directly to your email and you don't miss a minute of the action.   I may come up with a new recipe for bok choi and Tom could find a secret spot.  

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