Monday, May 23, 2011

simply breakfast

In a deviation from my normal green smoothie breakfast, I opted to cut up the banana, half the papaya and put them on a plate with a few highly prized dates.  Wild stuff.  Aquaman is in the office, taking up his position in the dawn patrol, and I missed the power cut off to make a green smoothie, so I thought I'd take the time to sit down and savour my organic fruit with an Earl Grey tea and my notebook.

For a while now I have been following a beautiful, austere blog by Jennifer Causey titled Simply Breakfast.  It is exactly that; photos of her breakfast.  Who would have thought it could be so captivating? Trust me, when you are thousands of miles from the nearest blueberry, loaf of fruit toast, or resupply of rolled oats, even skillfully shot photos of muesli can be strangely intriguing.   

above two photos by Jen Causey

Like my four legged friends in the village, my breakfast has a green component, however I serve it in a glass blended with papaya, banana, ginger and water.  A blog dedicated to photos of green smoothies would be rather dull, so I can eliminate that from my to-do list. What did you have for breakfast today?

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  1. i love breakfast! my favourite meal.

    we had porridge this morning with a sprinkle of LSA, pepitas, sunflower seeds and honey. and a cappucino for me.

    the tropical brekkie you have there looks perfect for your sunny life there.


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