Wednesday, June 1, 2011

first day of winter

Who's coming in for a dip?
The pool is open until 1pm today.
I've requested private usage, free solarium and slow moving tide.
Not too shabby for the first day of winter.


  1. Yes but the sand looks rocky...I'll pass and keep going to work everyday thanks.

  2. I Love that bikini Sally. Fits you like a glove!

  3. peta mcauliffeFriday, June 03, 2011

    oh for some sunshine and a bikini! I rode through the forest this morning with thermals, beanies and insulated gloves...then needed a hot drink and shower. I may need a mid winter escape to your neck of the woods..x

  4. You lucky, lucky beach bum. I miss living on the Pawleys.

  5. Far out!!! I know where i would rather be right now, and it certainly is not here with a scarf and frozen hands.


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