Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just in case there is some other nutter out there that finds joy in a simple life fueled by bananas, and they want to start a website about it, I registered the domain name for Remote and Raw and attached it to this here blog.  I am officially a dot com.  Don't panic, you're subscriptions and bookmarks for will still be directed here (I hope...).  The good news is the address is easier to remember so you can tell your mates to drop by for a surf, a green smoothie or a fresh coconut.  We've got them all; but we don't have cookies.

While I've got my secretary hat on, if you haven't yet subscribed to have the updates delivered trouble free to your email, I invite you to do so.  There is an easy sign up link on top right side of the page. Any problems leave a comment below and I'll get the IT team from the basement to help out.  

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