Saturday, July 2, 2011

into the interior

I gave myself the choice between weeding the back yard and going for a bike ride to search for the mystery garden.  Needless to say, the weeds live on.

The local government has a habit of building roads to nowhere; white crushed limestone statements of progress that seem to end at an arbitrary point when the money runs out.  I followed the road until it narrowed to a vehicle track, then a rocky goat path.  My mountain biking skills are limited, and I was wary of getting a puncture miles from home, so called a halt to my exploration without sighting a single vegetable. 

 I did however get a good dose of fresh air and nature.  Any well worn track into the scrub was fair game for discovery, and I thread carefully through a thicket of spiky pandan while doing a crude interpretation of the Highland fling, as evil horse flies celebrated on my bare skin. I quenched my thirst with fresh tuak, presented to me in a vessel made from the leaf of the lontar, while the pigs eagerly drank the sweet juice from their trough.  I arrived home after sunset, dusty, sweaty and enlivened.

Note : I used the mild super powers of Google earth to locate the veggie plot, and have it fixed on my radar for the next expedition. 

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